About Us

Our small family-operated Guernsey dairy farm is where it all began. Our cheese is made from fresh milk produced right here on our own farm.

Our Story

If you only milk 10 cows, what do you do with the milk? You make cheese!

From that vision came 10 Cows Creamery and Coffee. Located less than 500 yards from the farm, it was the perfect option and ideal location for the creamery.

With my wife's artistic vision and my knowledge of dairy, we enlisted the help of many to undertake this project.

Wanting to share our families' history of farming on George's Creek, we set out to provide the community with quality products produced by our herd of Guernsey cows.

The last active dairy farm in our county gave us even more reason to begin. The starting point was 1928.

Let's see where it takes us!

With Love and sincerity,

Patricia and Ed Crossland